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Community Access

Community Access Care Support Service in Melbourne

At Orison Care we provide a range of high-quality innovative community access support services for Melbourne based participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Committed to assisting our participants to explore the full potential behind the choice and control of their NDIS plans, we believe that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to share those lives with other people, to celebrate their own achievements and the achievements of others, and to be introduced to new opportunities that develop their best qualities and talents.

Consequently, nearly all our programs and activities are conducted in safe and supportive groups that access the community.

This type of support service is best for participants suffering from a wide array of physical, cognitive and sensory disabilities. And if you are such a participant, our Melbourne community access support program is the best option for you. We will arrange various group programs and activities that will help you to live independently and will help you gain daily life and living skills besides providing you with recreation and leisure. Besides, the program will help improve your peer support network and join a community and participate in the same. Thus, if you are looking to live your life happily and with the community, this is the program that you should have access to.

Underpinning all our outings and activities are the principles of positive psychology and psychosocial education. As your confidence and abilities grow in one area of your life, your abilities in other areas also improve.

By assisting participants of the NDIS to explore new social and community activities we believe this promotes the development of increased self-esteem, improved self-confidence, independence, and notions of safety and belonging.

Our professionals providing community access care in Melbourne will understand the necessities of the participants, and depending on the same they will provide them with tailored support. They will assess the participants’ intellectual abilities, whether he or she is suffering from autism spectrum or have psychosocial disability. Then, after exploring the barriers they will step by step assist the participant to connect with the community. And while doing so, our support workers will also help develop goals related to community participation. So, you can clearly understand how we assist participants with community access.

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